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Gluten-Safe Dining

So, you’ve tackled some of the most difficult transitions to gluten-free living such as keeping a well stocked pantry, navigating dinner parties and throwing your child’s birthday party. However, are you still weary about dining out and feeling 100% confident … Continue reading

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Cosmetics, Lotions, Hair Products and Gluten Intolerance

You’ve investigated all of the labels on your food to make sure you are not eating any hidden gluten. Have you, however looked at the labels of your lotions, eye make-up, sunscreen, lip products and make-up removers? With the skin … Continue reading

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Brown Rice Made Simple

Is it brown rice’s delicious nutty flavor, or its nutritionally dense reputation that has made this gluten-free grain pop up everywhere lately, from sushi rolls to fine dining restaurants? Brown rice is a less processed form of the whole grain, … Continue reading

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